National Conference on Recent Trends in Solid Waste Management(NCRTSM – 2019)

About NCRTSM–2019

Waste is not something that should be discarded or disposed off with no regard for future use. It can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly through policy and practice. Waste management is that solution, a rather complex issue that encompasses more than 20 different industries. With rational and consistant waste management practices, there is an opportunity to reap a range of benefits. Solid waste management refers to all activities pertaining to the control of generation, storage, collection, transfer, transport, treatment, processing and disposal of solid wastes in accordance with the best principles of public health, economics, engineering, conservation, aesthetics and other environmental considerations.

Solid waste management is the process of treating solid wastes and offers variety of solutions for recycling items that don’t belong to trash. It is about how garbage can be used as a valuable resource. Waste management is something that each and every household and business owner in the world needs. Waste management disposes off the products and substances that you have use in a safe and efficient manner.

The conference expects to unite Recycling Industries, Waste Management Organizations , Researchers, Industrialists, Academicians and Policy Makers to trade and share their experiences and innovative and recent research in making the earth pollution free.